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Miscellaneous sights in Cambridge UK

River Cam – sitting by the river bank or punting on the river Cam is one of the top to do things in Cambridge in fair weather. Relaxing and fun if you like moving slowly on a scenic river. Ideal for conversations and taking photos of the back of the colleges, aka ‘The Backs’
The Backs – the term ‘Backs’ refers to the back of the medieval colleges in Cambridge, which can be seen from the river Cam (most easily from a punting tour)
Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge – a small wooden footbridge with a legend, the Mathematical Bridge belongs to the Queens’ College, Cambridge
American Cemetery and Memorial, Cambridge – a secluded cemetery with a beautiful chapel established in 1943 in honour of the American war heroes who gave their lives during World War II
Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge – a much photoed beautiful covered bridge from 1831 of St John’s College of Cambridge University.
Corpus Clock: a big golden clock with a huge quirky grasshopper in the middle of the smooth and glossy timepiece. Corpus Clock is set into the corner of Corpus Christi College.
DNA Double Helix Plaque outside the Eagles Pub, Cambridge UK

DNA Double Helix Plaque outside the Eagles Pub, Cambridge UK
DNA Double Helix Plaque on the Eagles Pub, Cambridge (photo by londonconstant)

DNA Plaque, Cambridge – the blue round plaque of the DNA Double Helix on the wall of the Eagles Pub saying “DNA Double Helix 1953. ‘The secret of life’. For decades the Eagle was the local pub for scientists from the nearby Cavendish Laboratory. It was here on February 28th 1953 that Francis Crick and James Watson first announced their discovery of how DNA carries genetic information. Unveiled by James Watson 25th April 2003.’

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